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About Research Information Systems (ORIS)

Our Mission:

To create an environment that allows our users to work efficiently and effectively through the use of technology in a secure work atmosphere; to provide the knowledge and understanding of new applications and technology before deployment and to respond to inquiries promptly.

Services We Provide: {back to top}

  • Network infrastructure management and maintenance
  • IT Security management
  • Answer Helpdesk requests
  • Recommendations and eQuotes on hardware/software (printers, computers, other technology)
  • Software training (Outlook, Firefox), application installation and support as listed below
  • User Account Maintenance
  • Computer installation and maintenance

General Software We Support: {back to top}

Application Software

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Microsoft Project
  • Symantec AntiVirus
  • Identity Finder


  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

Operating Systems/Office Suites

  • Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013
  • Microsoft Server 2003, 2008, 2012
  • Windows 7 and 8
  • Please note: Each department is responsible for purchasing all their computer equipment, although we encourage you to consult us for recommendations on hardware, software and peripherals. This allows us to ensure compatibility.
  • Upon the purchase of software, please send a copy of the license agreement to the System Administrators at 110 Technology Center or have a copy for us upon the installation of the software.

Offices we Support: {back to top}

  Meet the Sys Admin Staff: {back to top}

The technical team provides support for 14 departments in five locations at the University park Campus, including 20+ servers and 180+ users. For fastest response, please email ORISHelp@psu.edu

Peggy Considine
Systems Administrator
Email: mtc5@psu.edu
Phone: 814-867-1330

  • Administers networks and systems for departments in the Vice President for Research's office
  • Manages and maintains Exchange, file, application, print and web servers
  • Maintains a secure environment for the network
  • Leads the Assistant System Administrators  in support  of computer systems and applications
  • Responds to Helpdesk inquires

Bonnie Cavanaugh
Assistant Systems Administrator
Email: blc18@psu.edu
Phone: 814-867-1329

  • Oversees security patch management and deployment
  • Performs software and hardware upgrades
  • Provides recommendations on equipment purchases
  • Responds to Helpdesk inquires
  • Researches new products and applications
  • Assists Peggy with administration of the computer network

Jeff Tate
Assistant Systems Administrator
Email: jlt37@psu.edu
Phone: 814-867-1331

  • Provides software training and deployment
  • Performs software and hardware analysis and upgrades
  • Provides recommendations on equipment purchases
  • Responds to Helpdesk inquires
  • Researches new products and applications
  • Assists Peggy and Bonnie with administration of the computer network

About the Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS) {back to top}

The three-person system administration team is part of the nine-member Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS), which was formed in 1997. ORIS comprises two groups: the three-person system administration team and a five-person software development group (including three programmers, one database designer, and one person dedicated to software testing, training and documentation. A full listing of the ORIS staff members and their roles and can be found on the ORIS organization chart.

The ORIS software development team designs, creates and maintains web-based applications such as the Protocol, Review and Approval Management System (PRAMS) and the Strategic Information Management System (SIMS). The System Administrator team provides computer technical support to the departments that fall under the Vice President for Research Unit.

To learn more about the ORIS staff, their role in the University, or about the web-based applications they develop, please visit the ORIS site.



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